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About Us

It's amazing how you can combine the word "Philippines" and "Food" in one word. After all, food plays a very important role in Filipino culture. Not only do they use food to comfort themselves after a hard day, they also make it a point to share some food on important occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, etc.

With this, food delivery services have sprung all across the country. This is a service that allows the personal delivery of food items on a client's doorstep. The only problem with these services is that they are limited to people who live within the country. People who live in other countries like Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Dubai and Australia cannot send food to their love ones on the Philippines. That need is the reason why is born.

What is is a website that offers different food brands in the Philippines to clients who live abroad. They included some of the most popular brands like Jollibee, McDonalds, Chowking, Mang Inasal, Goldilocks, Red Ribbon and Greenwich. Aside from that, it also included some high-end brands like Maxx's, Contis, Yellow Cab, the Sandwich Guy, Krispy Kreme and Tous Les Jours. The company tries its best to offer a variety of food items so that you can send just about any type of food item imaginable to your love ones in the Philippines.

The Story

On the surface, looks just like any other online food delivery website but there is more to the story of this website than how it looks like.

First, the website is quite old. It started way back in 2007 and is now operating for 5 years. It took inspiration from all those gift delivery websites that are making a killing from sending flowers, chocolates and stuff toys to different parts of the Philippines. The owner knows that these websites are making some good money but if he will compete on the same field, there will be little chance of success.

That's when the website owner thought about targeting a different field and that is food. After all, not all restaurants in the Philippines have a delivery service. And even if they do, they don't accept payments from other currencies. This sparked an idea in the owner's mind where he thought about providing a delivery service that will cater to people who live abroad but has love ones in the Philippines.

And you know what? The idea boomed. Today, PhilFastFood boasts a steady list of over 500 regular customers that orders from them month after month. They have become the witness of the Filipino's way of celebration which always includes food.

Now the company continues to grow and expand to be one of the leading online delivery services in the Philippines.

Why Choose Us

Perhaps you are wondering what we can do for you. Well, aside from the 5 years of wealthy experience that backs up our services, we can also guarantee the following:

Food Items Served Hot and Fresh

All the food items we deliver are not cooked prior to the day of delivery or kept in the refrigerator. We get items cooked on the day itself so that it can be served hot if it is meant to be hot and cold if it is meant to be cold. Some of our customers are amazed by how our delivery men are skilled at keeping food items hot and fresh.

Same-Day Timely Delivery

We also exercise same-day delivery with a later cut-off time compared to other online delivery services on the Internet. Unlike those general gift delivery online stores, our services accept orders until 2pm at a GMT+8 timezone. This means that you can order for dinner at the same day.

Courteous Customer Service Team

Last but not the least; all your concerns will be handled by a courteous and concerned customer service team. They are also trained to tackle different types of problems as they have already encountered customers more than 1000 times. With this, you can be sure that once you ask a problem, an expert is there to answer you.

So what are you waiting for? Choose some food items from our online menu and get it delivered right now.